Reader Feedback On: "Suitcase Down The Nile:  A Spunky Womans Transformational Journey Through Egypt"



"…Was blown away by not only your memory, but keen observations.   Its great…a free trip to Egypt.  Can't wait to hear if you are planning on one for Turkey.  If so, Ill read it and get another free trip!  Seriously, I'll miss all the book's characters.  I just started another book and it seems so shallow!"

        Jean Fergus, Reporter Publications, Los Osos, California



  "Kudos!  I loved it.  What an amazingly transformational journeyWhat made your Egypt book was your attention to the tiniest details.  I particularly found it fascinating to read about your personal feelings both the emotional and physiological.   I had one of those kinds of trips when I went to Guatemala in 1977.  But your book also taught me that, given what a princess I am, Egypt may not be the place for me to travel.  Your description of the heat, the bugs, and most disturbingly, the high pressure sales were quite vivid.  What I'd like is a tour of all the pyramids, without all the unpleasantness.  But it sounds like it'all part of the same package.  I can't wait to read your next book!"

        Geri-Ann Galanti, Anthropologist, Cal State/Los Angeles



"…I read your book and really enjoyed it, especially since I have been to Egypt.  I'd like to carry it!"

        Ariana Grace Gabriel, Illuminations Bookstore, Westford, Massachusetts



"…Excellent travel book, recommended for those considering a trip to Egypt replete with details.  Reading the book makes you feel you are traveling along with Nancy and her friends….I could not help but feel I was inside her head looking through her eyes and plugging into her brain to experience her personal view of circumstances.  (Which I find very interesting even though I would interpret things differently).  Her descriptive style is excellent and much of it seems to be almost in real time"

        Aisha Ali, Dance ethnographer/Director of the Aisha Ali Dance Company based in Los Angeles



(while reading it): " …Got your book during the week and opened it up yesterday to browse through it (I thought).  I have a couple of books started and determined that I would wait to read yours when I had finished the others but something drew me to it and I've had my nose stuck in it ever since.  Am thoroughly enjoying it on so many levels.  Sometimes I wince at a scene that seems perhaps too personal to witness but then I examine what's going on with me and realize that I am feeling some of what you experienced (or maybe what I can experience from what you describe) and that the scene is touching me in ways. I'm still not sure I can identify- and maybe shouldn't try" 

(after reading it): " I truly loved the book.  All during the book I was aware about how I responded to what you were writing. It ran the gamut of emotions. I was more aware than ever of the different ways people respond to the same situation…it made me more conscious of being respectful of those differences. All in all I felt that I had relived my own journeys to Egypt and felt them in a new way.  It is so important to understand that each person is on a journey -  a journey like ours but needing different events and emotions to accomplish what that individual needs.  I'm aware all over again how important it is for ones own growth to acknowledge and not judge where someone else is on their path and the face that we are all ultimately headed in the same direction.  Thank you for your courage, your time, your talent, your persistence.  I feel closer to you than I would think possible"

        Shirley Danko, Videotape Distribution, New York, New York



(before reading it):  "…Your book has arrived and it's very large!  I thought I won't have time to look at this because we leave in one week.  BUT I couldn't put it down as I began reading about the Cairo airport.  I plan to experience Egypt intimately through your narrative"

(after reading it): "…I have been to Egypt, not physically, but through Suitcase Down the Nile with Nancy Wright's vivid, detailed account.  This was no canned tour. She was really out there experiencing authentic Egypt with its otherworldly pyramids, sleazy merchants, being held at gunpoint on a dark street, and chased by a kid on a camel!  She shares personal insights and surprising revelations about her longfelt link to ancient Egypt.  She seems to have extra senses and picks up what others unfortunately miss…."

        Pat Danser, retired social worker, Deming, New Mexico



 As you travel, you are opening up for the reader your process of bringing yourself into resonance with this alien environment of Cairo. The plot is not a record of scenes as are most travel books. Nor it is an intertwining of plot and characters. This is new, this is different. This is thought in action!

What a teaching! What a gift to the world. Congratulations

        Lynn Abbot, author of "Applied Resonance Therapy", Acton, Massachusetts




"…A highly personal quest, an intriguing, refreshing and informative guide…The author makes it seem inevitable that exploring ancient Egypt one should be drawn to the wisdom and primordial power of the land…Very readable and thought provokingMs. Wright shares personal feelings and experiences, coupled with a skillful mix of history, spirituality and Egyptian lore…She continues questioning all through the journey.  One woman's real experiences reflected upon.  A guide that keeps the reader off the beaten path."

        Shirley Belli, Newtown, Connecticut



"…There is a tremendous amount of depth in your writing.  I'm grateful for the events that led me to discover it"

        Susan Beard, Labor Economist, Rio Rancho, New Mexico



"…I loved the book. You are adventuresome and a good sport.  I most likely would not venture forth as you have done.  Since I constantly experience so much inside my head, I may never need to leave the geographical area where I now live. I am feeling the grit of sand beneath my shoes and feeling the perspiration run down between my breasts.  I'm THERE and I love it!…I am changed forever!"

        Adrian Windsor,  Scottsdale, Arizona



"…You drew me in…I felt like I was on this incredible journey with you.  Your book was intriguing, mysterious, humorous, witty…It left me really wanting more.  I feel on so many levels thingsare still going on …transformational things taking place in a place deep inside me like going in, going in going in until there's that place you pop out on the other side…and not on this earthly third dimension"

        Kate Masters, R.N., San Diego, California



"…The manner in which Nancy comes to understand and resolve her conflicts within the group aided and encouraged me to begin to view my own conflicts with a new perspective.  Her willingness to honestly express her intimate experience with each ancient sacred site and the dynamics taking place within the tour group is refreshing and acts as a healing medium for her readers.  I realized that sacred sites emit energy of their own and are not merely piles of stone with explanations attached to them.  Genuine shifts of perception and healing can occur.  "Suitcase Down The Nile" is exciting, genuine, humorous, and honest.  It also provides the reader with valuable travel tips regarding specific items that are wise to bring and ones that aren't necessary.  It acts as a behind the scenes view of the travel industy…which I found most helpful.

        Judy Seidl, Minister, Groton, Massachusetts



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